1 Introduction

This vignette is dedicated to providing an in-depth exploration of the underlying data model employed in the gDR suite, with a focus on the versatile MultiAssayExperiment object – the cornerstone of the gDR ecosystem. The vignette delves into the intricacies of the data model, shedding light on how different components are organized within the MultiAssayExperiment object. As the basic and essential object in the gDR, the MultiAssayExperiment encapsulates the diverse dimensions of drug response data, providing a unified and coherent framework for analysis. Our primary goal is to equip users with a detailed understanding of the gDRsuite data model and its utilization within the MultiAssayExperiment object. Through practical examples and thorough explanations, we aim to demonstrate how gDRcore’s core functions and pipeline facilitate efficient analysis, providing valuable insights into drug response dynamics. More information about the data processing can be found in the gDRcore.