Maintainer: Ji-Ping Wang, <>

References for methods:

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References for chemical map data used:

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NuPoP versions hightlights

  1. NuPoP V2.5 added adjustments of linker length distribution.

  2. NuPoP V2.0 added a funciton predNuPoP_chem for prediction of nucleosomes using profiles trained based on chemical maps of nucleosomes for yeast, pombe, mouse and human (profiles for other species are extrapolated based on yeast profile). To show a clear improvement, Figure: MNase_vs_Chemicale below compares the prediction based on MNase profile vs chemical profile for yeast where the red curve super-imposed is the occupancy from the chemical map for yeast data.

  3. A report of performance comparison of NuPoP (V2.0) vs nuCpos (V1.14) can be found at