Bioconductor Mirror

University of Pisa Bioconductor

Bioconductor is an open source collection of softwares for the analysis and comprehension of genomic data.

Bioconductor is based primarily on the R programming language but it is enriched by other programming languages.

It has two releases each year that follow the R releases.

This website hosts a mirror, updated daily, of the software repositories from Bioconductor.

Below are listed the links to the recent official releases and to the last development release.

This website is promoted by the Department of Biology of the University of Pisa, hosted and maintained by the Green data Center of the University of Pisa

To select this mirror, type

and select: Italy.

Choose the repositories hosted on this mirror with:


Now, install.packages(), update.packages() etc. will make use of this mirror rather than the BioC master.

Use biocLite() from this mirror as shown below:


Last change of this landing page: 15 Nov 2021